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It looks like cold weather has settled in for a while forcing our thoughts to ways in which we can warm our souls. Having grown up in Southern California, and considering myself a bona fide desert rat (I am probably a dessert rat too but that’s a different story), I dread many winter rituals. Bulking up with a coat, hat and gloves — CAN I LOSE ANOTHER PAIR — the dryness of forced air, trying to jog on a sheet of ice are all met with dread and consternation and don’t get me started on shovelling…its an art form at the Inn. However, one winter ritual I have embraced is a fire in the fireplace. Sitting by a crackling fire, reading a book or watching a movie and sipping a cup of cocoa or coffee is a welcomed treat.


Many of our guest rooms and common areas at Southmoreland on the Plaza feature fireplaces which are stocked with wood mid-October through mid-April. Four guest rooms (William Rockhill Nelson, Colonel Robert Van Horn, Satchel Paige and the George Kessler Carriage House) have wood burning fireplaces ready to be lit when guests return for the evening. Guests who have chosen rooms without a fireplace can enjoy the warmth of a fire in one of our common areas located throughout the first floor of the Inn.
Mark Reichle and Nancy Miller Southmoreland on the Plaza

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