Fountains in Kansas City

Did you know Kansas city is nicknamed “The City of Fountains”?  It’s a well-deserved title, and you’ll find plenty of opportunity to see why in a few short weeks!  Each year in April our fine area celebrates Greater Kansas City Fountain Day.  This year, Fountain Day falls on Tuesday, April 17th, 2018.  A whopping 48 publicly-operated fountains will be activated, springing back to life in all their glory.

Let’s face it:  fountains are utterly compelling.  Depending on their location and structure, they can bring about a sense of peace, energy, joy, awe, reverence, or comfort.  

The City of Fountains Foundation has over 200 officially registered fountains in the greater metro area, each of which adds to the vitality and beauty of our urban surroundings.  Please visit to learn more about this foundation, whose mission is the conservation of historic fountains and sculptures in the Kansas City area.

Better yet, come view our local fountains when you stay at Southmoreland!  Make your reservation at or by calling 816-531-7979.  

To prepare yourself, we suggest downloading a Fountain Tour Brochure at .  Many of these bubbling gems are within walking distance, and make for a glorious, whimsical hike.  The J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain just down the street on 47th and Main and the William Volker Memorial Fountain on the NE corner of Volker Blvd. and Oak are two of our favorites.